Cyber Crimes

Fake govt. website frauds

Many fake website impersonating as Government sites offering many schemes through web portals such as Ayushman Yojana, PM-Kishan Yojana, etc., have been noticed. The fraudsters take advantage of these schemes & make similar websites offering jobs, financial benefits, subsidies, free equipment, etc. on the web portal. Through such bogus offers, they induce gullible persons into paying registration charges, examination fee, document verification fee, etc.

Safety Precautions:

1. Whenever, you find any website offering government jobs, financial benefits, subsidies, etc. and the nature of the website is deceptively similar to Govt. websites, please verify the credentials of the website.

2. You may contact the parent government department or Tweet to PIB Fact Check @PIBFactCheck regarding verification of any government portal.

3. Remember – websites having extension as ‘’ are genuine government websites. Other sites having extension as ‘.in’ or ‘.org’ and posing as government websites may be viewed with suspicion and their credentials may be verified before making any financial transactions or sharing personal information.

4. A website showing symbols of government such as ‘Áshoka’ or ‘Swachch Bharat’ need not mean that it is a government site. Use other methods to verify the credentials of the site.

5. A genuine government site will have multiple cross-references on government sites, social media posts, etc., whereas a fake government site will not be referred to in other government portals.

  • How to make a complaint:

    1. Brief facts of the complaint explaining how to come in contect with the alleged person/website and subsequent fraud

    2. Take a screenshot of the alleged website wherein URL of the said website is clearly visible

    3. Lodge a complaint in your nearest Police Station describing complete incidence along with the above mentioned documents.

    4. Save the soft copy of all above mentioned documents in soft form and provide them to the Investigating Officer on a CD-R and also give hard copy.