Cyber Crimes

insurance frauds

In this type of fraud hundreds of people fall in the trap of fake insurance calls. The fraudulent callers are increasingly ingenuous and appeal to our sense of fear and greed to part with personal details and money. We have compiled here the different kinds of calls they make. If you come across any of these, just disconnect the call.

Fake Call 1: This is a call from an LIC service branch; you can transfer the existing policies to new policies for better returns.

Fake Call 2: There is an annual equity bonus lying unclaimed in your Account, which will be transferred to your Insurance Agent/govt. Please deposit money in a certain bank account to avoid this transfer.

Fake Call 3: Your insurance agent purchased insurance policy of Xyz Company at the time of purchasing your LIC policy. Dividends from policy of Xyz Company will be transferred to your agent and xyz insurance company. Please deposit money to transfer this money to your account.

Fake Call 4: You are entitled to loyalty bonus for being a valued customer. This bonus is transferred to agent code instead of your code. Give policy details so that the bonus is properly transferred to you.

Fake Call 5: We are calling from Insurance Verification Department. Give your PAN Card number, Bank Details and Aadhaar number to complete the verification process.

Fake Call 6: Your insurance policy is up for cancellation and your money will be transferred to your agent and LIC. Give personal details, policy details, bank account details and secure code behind card to complete electronic transfer of money.

Fake Call 7: We are calling to check if you would like to raise an objection for Bonus cancellation on your policies. If you do not raise any objection, then LIC agent gets 40% and local branch gets 60%. Send Rs30,000 along with PAN Card and Aadhaar Number to raise any objection.

Fake Call 8: Give your insurance policy and other details for verification. If you do not give these details, your payments and pension will be blocked.

Fake Call 9: Stop paying premiums towards your existing policy since it has lapsed due to some reason. Surrender it and buy a new one.

Fake Call 10: Your insurance policies are running in loss. I will get a new policy which will recover all the money and make a profit for you.

Fake Call 11: Surrender your existing policy because a new policy is being offered with better terms, and you no longer need to continue with the existing policy.

Fake Call 12: I am an LIC employee and I can offer a special bonus and larger returns when you buy a policy from me.

Fake Call 13: You were cheated by the company and I thought it was our moral duty to inform you. If you buy a new policy I can cancel the previous one and get all your money back.

Fake Call 14: I am calling from IRDAI. You are entitled to the bonus on your life insurance policy. But to realise the cheque, you have to make an investment first. And today is the last day

Fake Call 15: There was a mistake in your policy and it is useless. You need to correct it for which you have to pay Rs20,000.

Fake Call 16: Agents make a lot of money in bonus and commissions when they sell a policy to you. I can get it reversed but you need to buy a policy first.

  • Preventive Measures/Precautions

    1. Never respond to fake calls related to transfer/unclaimed bonuses regarding your insurance policy

    2. Please visit your insurance company before transferring any insurance policy in response to calls regarding transfer/unclaimed bonuses .

    3. Always pay by cheque or credit card. Cheque and credit card payments usually can be traced and verified.

  • Advise for victims

    1. Inform to your insurance policy company regarding the fraud

    2. Direct your bank to stop the payment of the cheque given to the Fraudster

  • How to make a complaint:

    1. Brief facts of the complaint explaining how to come in contect with the alleged person and subsequent fraud

    2. Collect Bank statement from the concerned bank of last six months.

    3. Make a copy of SMSs/Email received related to the alleged transactions.

    4.Lodge a complaint in your nearest Police Station explaining complete incident along with the above mentioned documents.