Cyber Crimes

KBC Lottery Frauds

In such cyber frauds, the fraudsters send WhatsApp messages to unsuspecting victims from unknown numbers (most of them starting with +92, the ISD Code of Pakistan) claiming that their mobile number has won a lottery jointly organized by Kaun Banega Crorepati and Reliance Jio worth Rs. 25 lakhs and in order to claim that lottery they need to contact some person whose number is provided in the same WhatsApp message.

When the victim contacts on the mentioned number to claim the amount, the fraudster tells him/her that they need to first pay a certain refundable amount towards the processing of the lottery as well as GST, etc. Once the victim deposits that money, they start demanding for more on one pretext or another. The fraudsters insist on communicating only through WhatsApp. They induce the victim to deposit money in various bank accounts and the entire fraud goes on for several weeks and even months for as long as they can keep inducing the victim to deposit money. After some time, they start telling the victim that the lottery amount has been increased further to Rs. 45 lakhs, then to Rs. 75 lakhs, so on and so forth so as to keep the victim engaged and interested. Finally, when the victim starts insisting on getting the money or refuses to pay more, they stop calling him/her and discontinue the WhatsApp numbers that were being used in the fraud.

Safety Precautions:

1. Any message informing that you have won a lottery or a prize, is, in all likelihood, a fraud.

2. A closer look into such messages will show poor drafting, grammatical errors, and other glaring signs that the message is not genuine.

3. These frauds exploit your greed. You forget to take basis precautions such as discussing with family members, verifying the information through alternate means, etc., as you get blinded by your greed.

4. In any genuine lottery or prize, the tax component and other charges are cut from the prize money and the winner gets the deducted amount. So ask yourself the question that why you have to pay these charges in advance to get the so-called lottery money. This is because it is a fraud and there is no money that you have won.

5. In the caller insists on maintaining secrecy, it is a sign that there is something fishy about the whole thing.

  • How to make a complaint:

    1. Brief facts of the complaint explaining how to come in contect with the alleged person/website and subsequent fraud

    2. Take a screenshot/Copy of the alleged SMS and should clearly visible

    3. Collect documentary evidence (e.g. screenshots, bank transaction statements, etc.)

    4. Lodge a complaint in your nearest Police Station describing complete incidence along with the above mentioned documents.

    5. Save the soft copy of all above mentioned documents in soft form and provide them to the Investigating Officer on a CD-R and also give hard copy.