Cyber Crimes

Data Theft

Data Theft is the theft of software through the illegal copying and selling of copyrighted data or software codes in open market without permission of the owner's company

Some examples of Data theft:

1. When you use a single user license for multiple user.

2. When you make duplicate CD or DVD of your software CD and sell it.

3. If any employee carries a software code made by his company and reproduces it with different name and sells it in market.

Preventive Measures/Precautions

1. Copyright your program code/software/data.

2. Create a license agreement with your customers/users.

3. Obfuscate your code.

4. Provide a trial version of your code.

5. Never share complete code/data required to run the software with a single person in your company.

6. Never allow your employees to copy/share the data/software on their personnel gadgets/emails/external drives and along with that make company devices secured to prevent data theft from the devices.

7. Always assign specific duties to each employees.

8. Always make non-disclosure agreement with the employees.

9. Always make inventory of the hardware/software issued to employees.

10. Train your employees and prepare them for phishing attempts and privacy breaches.

11. Create user accounts for each employee to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your business computers. Laptops can be stolen easily; make sure they’re locked when unattended.

12. To prevent outsiders from gaining access to private information on your network, enable your operating system’s firewall or purchase reputable firewall software.

  • Advise for victims

    1. Immediately make some changes in the code/data which has been stolen which can differentiate the older version.

    2. If your software is connected directly to the company’s server then find out logs of the systems which are having unauthorized connection with the server.

    3. Try to contact the clients who are using the pirated or stolen data.

    4. Try to contact the seller through decoy customer to know about their modus operandi i.e. how the alleged data is being sold.

    5. Never try to look into the gadgets used by the suspected employees. Make an image copy of all the devices before proceeding further.

  • How to make a complaint:

    1. First make a mirror image/copy of data which has been stolen.

    2. If available bring the copyright certificate for the data in question.

    3. Keep details of suspected employee who took the data from company.

    4. Copies of following documents related to suspected employee:  Appointment letter  Non-disclosure agreement if any  List of duty assigned.  List of gadgets assigned to the suspected.  List of clients with whom the suspect is in touch.

    5. Proof of sale of your copyright data to any client.

    6. Devices used by the suspect while working with the company, if any.

    7. Lodge a complaint at your nearest Police Station explaining complete incident along with the above documents.