Cyber Crimes

Social Media Precaution for businesses

Social networking should be addressed in your business's Internet Usage Policy with clear advice to employees. Here are some social networking issues that you should consider:

Be clear on what information about your business can be posted and who is authorized to do so.

Refrain from including sensitive business information in the business profile or in your posts.

Be careful using applications on social networking sites. Many of these come from third parties and may not be secure. Always check on the application provider first.

When communicating through social media, be suspicious of any messages that are asking for sensitive business information or about employees and their families.

Think before you post! What you post on social media sites is generally permanent. You may someday change your mind about what you said online, but you can't remove or change it permanently as it might have been save as screenshots by someone.

Criminals are interested in the information you post. To help your business stay safe, make sure you use the site's privacy controls and ignore requests from people you don't know.

Review and stay up to date with the social networking site's privacy policies (most are updated frequently) and adjust personal privacy settings appropriately.

Never reveal your precise location online.