Cyber Crimes


Cyber safety tips for Parents

Have an open conversation with your kids about safe browsing and computer use.

Do not replace physical parental supervision of computer use at home with any safe search engine or any other tool. No search filtering software or tool is perfect.

Educate yourself also on social media safety and have open discussions with teens about present dangers and long term effects of inappropriate conduct, including posting pictures/videos online.

Keep computer in an open area. Make a rule that doors are always left open when kids are online.

Advice your children to immediately exit any site that makes them feel uncomfortable or worried.

Parent should keep a track of persons with whom their children are talking to and which sites they are browsing. This is NOT invading their privacy at all , rather it is parenting in the digital space.

If you have found inappropriate content about your child please contact the service provider concerned and/or Police as soon as possible.

Majority of children would not like to tell their parents if they are bullied or harassed online for fear that they will lose internet access. Make sure that your children understand that they will not get in trouble if they tell you about a problem.

Children under 13 ARE NOT ALLOWED on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, iTunes and many more. Don’t support your child to break the rules as they are not be the only one without these accounts.

Explain it to your child that all Social Networking Profiles MUST BE SET TO PRIVATE. Use all the security settings available to make the site as safe as possible.

Do not let young children to browse the ‘Google’ aimlessly with no supervision. Children need to be taught about search engines and how they work.

Don't allow your child to use Apps like SnapChat that immediately delete the posts. Apps prevent you from monitoring the child's online experience and you may never know what he is being subjected to

If you notice a sudden change in your child's behaviour, to check, among other things, his online activity on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.