Cyber Crimes

Cyber safety tips for Children

Never share your personal details like house address, phone number, date of birth and place of birth etc. on any online platform such as Facebook,Instagram, Blogs, Twitter, Chat-rooms etc.

Make sure that indecent/offending/harassing emails/chatts posts are not be responded. Rather keep them in records in the form of screenshots and inform your parent/guardian to report it to the police. The account should be immediately blocked.

When you feel uncomfortable with any SM post/mail/chatting, immediately share your concern with your parents or any trustworthy person.

Never share your account passwords with anyone.

Be aware that information on the internet is not always reliable.

Make a strong password with alpha-numeric symbols and special characters.

Don’t add people as online friends unless you know them in real life or have parent permission.

Never agree to meet an online friend unless and until you are do so under your parent's/guardian's guidance and supervision.

Treat others online the way you’d like to be treated yourself. Real life etiquettes and manners apply equally to the virtual space.

Don’t sign up for sites that require a certain age criteria for registration eg. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. by wrong reporting of your correct age. such sites may expose you to age inappropriate content.

Don’t buy anything online without discussion with to your parents. Some advertisement may try to trick you by offering things at heavy discount. They may be fraud sites meant for either cheating you of your parents' money or for getting access to your and your parents' personal information